The Importance of Labeling Is Catching On

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Bhutan is now catching on.  The country located in the South Asia region has found that thanks to efforts made by BAFRA (Bhutan's Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority), requirements they made for food labeling has been adhered to.  It was in June of 2017 that the requirement was made by BAFRA that all packaged foods have the following information on their labels:

    1  food name
    2  list of ingredients
    3  net content
    4  name and address
    5  country of origin
    6  lot identification
    7  date marking

The labeling has to be done in English or Dzongkha.

Food labeling is essential for a variety of reasons.  Health and safety are number 1, especially given the increase and prevalence of oft-fatal allergies.  But other data contained on food labels is also important as has been put into practice now in Bhutan.  In addition, labeling — as seen and understood through Infinity Labels — is a fantastic, simple and proven concept in Marketing 101.

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