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Are you hosting this year’s Super Bowl Party?  If so, don’t see it in a negative or panic about how you’re going to get everything done.  You don’t even need to worry about overspending as there are plenty of great ideas to keep your Super Bowl Party on a Budget.  Preparing for your Super Bowl Party is a great way for creating an entire event for the family; everyone can get involved in Super Bowl Party prep — from toddlers to grandparents — as there are so many fun, easy to implement ideas out there to make it really special.  

Herewith a Few Simple Fun Ideas to make your Super Bowl Party stand out from the rest and create great memories for all your guests:

1.  Half Time Snacks:  some cheap and cheerful ideas include:  spicy chicken wings (with custom labels made in the shape of footballs differentiating the wing toppings), chocolate peanut butter footballs, potato skin bites and so much more.
2.  Craft Fun: This doesn’t have to just be for kids. Adults can make their own labels for their personalized team-stripe bear bottle!
3.  Quizzes:  ask your guests to guess the MVP, predict the player with the most fantasy points; choose the team with the most turnovers, etc.
4.  Who Am I? All you need are self adhesive Infinity Labels and a marker for your name-tags.  See if you can get your guests to guess which player you are from one of the teams in the Super Bowl, past or present
5.  Party Favors:  Create custom NFL stickers with your team (even if that team isn’t playing in the Super Bowl) to stick on any items you put in a bag for your guests to take home at the end of the night
6.  Create Your Own Scorecards:  Personalize, customize and come up with your own ideas like ‘Pass the Salsa’ or ‘Dance to the Commercial.’

The Super Bowl really is a great time to have a lot of fun, family, friendship bonding time. Use this awesome opportunity no matter which teams are playing.

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