Infinity Labels was established to provide today’s US label market with something different.  We started our company because we saw an unmet niche:  a company that would focus 100% of its efforts on the provision of a wide range of label and related products and an unmatched customer service.  Once we set this up, we spent the rest of our time maintaining and enhancing it.

Hence our name. While it has been suggested that “beyond infinity” is an unrealistic impossibility, we at Infinity Labels would rather take Buzz Lightyear and Woody’s opinion.  Made famous in the fantasy Disney-Pixar Toy Story I, II and III movies, the idea that the unachievable can be achieved, the impossible can be made possible and the unrealistic can become a reality is something we choose to create in a reality.

With currently over 10,000 products from which to choose, an easy-to-browse catalog, simple, e-commerce experience and detailed product-shipping follow-up, Infinity Labels provides its customers with what they need: simple selection process on site; quality products and hassle-free delivery.  And anything less just doesn’t belong in our company.

As such, Infinity Labels will only sell top quality price guns, price gun labels, thermal labels, hang tags, customizable labels etc., and provide nothing less than end-to-end, friendly, helpful customer service, 24/7, with our American sales reps available online or on the phone throughout the day.  Because if it isn’t “to infinity and beyond,” then it isn’t Infinity Labels.