Labels: A New Responsibility

Posted by Daniel Sass on

Up until now, labels have been utilized heavily as a PSA for most food products.  Before purchasing -- especially with the increase in dieting and health conscious individuals -- thanks to labels people are able to see what they are eating and how it will nutritionally impact their bodies.  That has been proven a very helpful tool of weight management and enhanced health and wellness. 

Indeed, a recent FDA article took that to the next level and showed consumers exactly how to analyze the data in labels and what everything means in a step-by-step breakdown. Furthermore, SFGate wrote an article giving 10 Ways Nutrition Labels Help You Make Healthy Choices.

Now though, labels could be going to the next level.  Labels have always been known to provide clear, accurate, non-partisan information to the consumer. And that is what we at Infinity Labels seek to do.  Giving people accurate information is crucial for life choices.  And with the French now considering the possibility of informing customers of the durability of certain electronic items with labels, it seems like the possibilities are Infinity and beyond.

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