“To Your Health” One Use of Infinity Labels

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We all know that we have to get into shape.  With exercise, healthy food options and moderate drinking, there are many ways that can help us transform unhealthy living into healthy living.  Start on an exercise regime — slowly — is a good idea.  Too many people decide one day to get in shape and then the next day they are running 5k, doing 100 crunches and swimming a mile.  Unfortunately such extreme dedication usually just results in a very short-lived burst of healthy fitness which does not last.
It’s much better really to start slow.  Do not give yourself such a huge challenge. Perhaps start by walking around your neighborhood. Or taking the stairs instead of the elevator.  Or even some gentle stretches.  Then, a week later, add to that.  Bring in a friend for weekly night strolls.  Often if you do this with someone you will be motivated to continue.
Another motivator is having healthy foods prepared and ready to go.  We suggest making a huge pot of soup, or stewed vegetables and then freezing it in portion-controlled plastic containers.  And of course with Infinity Labels laser sheets you can get very organized.  It’s a bad idea to freeze many items without labeling them first.
Just remember:  the more planning that goes into any new behavior/habit, the more likely it is to stand the test of time.

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