The New Lego Ninjago Movie: Putting a “Label” On It

Posted by Daniel Sass on

What does Infinity Labels and The Lego Ninjago Movie have in common?  Quite a lot it appears. According to a recent article in Film School Rejects by Kieran Fisher, the movie is all about identity and as far as we’re concerned that’s labeling.  The reason we at Infinity Labels believe that quality labels are so important is because everyone knowing who they are and where they are brings a huge level of comfort in an oft-chaotic world.

The movie teaches us about “human identity and the societal roles we accept to make our lives as simple as possible - even if we want to break free of the norm sometimes.”  Well, that’s what labeling tries to do as well.  At least Infinity Labels that is…. make your life as simple as possible by providing quality US-made labels so that you can identity what you have and where they are.

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