Surviving the Christmas Prep

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Christmas is meant to be all about giving, forgiving, festivities and fun. But all too often the pressure of it becomes overwhelming and instead it more resembles exhaustion, resentment, over-indulgence and anything BUT fun.  This is truly a great shame since the festive period comes but once a year and really is an opportunity to re-connect with family, friends and loved ones and just enjoy the lights, fanfare, sales and merry-making that surround us.
At Infinity Labels we’re all about taking everything to the next level. We want to show you our commitment to you and your enjoyment over this period and thus help you ensure that your Christmas is about what it’s meant to be about…love, joy, re-connection and relaxation.  So we suggest getting a head start on your Christmas prep to minimize stress.  Here are 3 of our tried and trusted tips:
  1. Make a List:  Write down all the things that are on your mind, from gift buying, to shopping, to cooking and setting the table.  Are you having overnight guests?  Figure out a schedule for linen laundry. Anything that comes to mind, just write it down. Because then it’s off your head and on a piece of paper.
  2. R&R:  Never just focus on all you have to do.  Schedule in time for rest and relaxation even if it’s just a 20 minute tub with cucumber slices on your eyes.  Never leave the rest part to “just whenever” as we know that never happens because something more important always comes up.  And finally, and perhaps most importantly:
  3. Gratitude Acknowledgement:  There’s simply no point in the holiday season, all the prep and organization; all the list-making and work toward creating a festive atmosphere if you don’t get back to basics and remember just what Christmas is all about:  love, gratitude and mindful presence.  Be in the moment at Christmas, because it is after all, a “time” for all those wonderful values we hold so dear.

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