Shop Til You Drop . . . But With Care

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Shopping on Cyber-Monday can be a lot of fun . . . but we implore you to proceed with caution. According to a recent NBC News story by Dan Corey, since there is such a huge increase in online traffic sales for consumers trying to get the best deals all round, there is — in response to that — many more hackers getting access to credit card information.  So what is the best way to handle this?  How can one still reap the benefits of Cyber-Monday (check out Infinity-Label sales) without being subject to credit card fraud?  

We have put together 4 very basic easy-to-follow steps to try to avoid this issue that, affects thousands of US consumers each year:

    1  Unique Password Use — while this seems simple enough it’s amazing how often people either use really easy-to-replicate passwords or use the same passwords again.  This is very inadvisable.  Make sure you use long passwords with both digits and letters and never use the same password more than once.
    2  Do not share Credit Card Info —unless you yourself have initiated and authenticated a purchase, if someone asks for your credit card information, do not share it.
    3  Monitor Billing Statements Monthly — and if anything looks even slightly strange, immediately follow up.
    4  Ensure IP and Credit Card Info Match up — is a very helpful site for this.

Remember, Cyber Monday is meant to be a lot of fun and a great way to get the best deals.  But it only works if you’re careful and you put in place these simple rules before beginning to shop.

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