Spring Cleaning with Infinity Labels

Posted by Daniel Sass on

Spring is just around the corner and what better time to get down to some serious spring cleaning than right now?  The weather has started to turn (in some places) and people’s moods are lifting in anticipation of longer days and less darkness.  Who doesn’t love a great clean-out?  When we talk cleanliness we also imply orderliness and that is where Infinity Labels is here to help.  

Start with 3 piles:
    1    Trash
    2    Keep
    3    Giveaway

And be brutal.  Think Marie Kondo when sorting your stuff and just keep what truly ‘brings you joy.’ While cleaning up you may feel overwhelmed and tired but once your piles are in place and you are clutter free, the joy will immediately follow.  Then use our labels to categorize the second pile on the list - the keep pile - and mark stuff for different seasons, different ages, different stages etc.  

Just remember: a clean house is about so much more than removal of dirt; it is a cleansing of the soul and a de-cluttering of stuff you no longer need.

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