Good Times and Good Taste: Super Bowl LVII

Posted by Daniel Sass on

We’re approaching the best day of the year for sports fans. Even though the Pittsburgh Steelers are not playing, we still have two of the top teams in the NFL going head-to-head for the greatest prize in sport . . . the Lombardi Trophy.

When the Philadelphia Eagles battle it out against the Kansas City Chiefs at Sunday’s Super Bowl LVII, it’s bound to be a great game with lots of action and surprises.

But let us not forget about the other major competition happening on Sunday . . . the battle of the half-time commercials.

Here at Infinity Labels we took a look at what’s coming up and we are putting our money on the Avocados. Why?  Well, apart from the fruit being full of nutrients and packed with taste, their #MakeItBetter hashtag alongside their promotion of ‘good times and good taste’ promotion, fits in perfectly with our goal of always going for the best when it comes to quality, customer service and consistence.

That’s why we are going with the Avocados this coming Super Bowl.  What about you?

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