Durable and Weatherproof Labels

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For long-lasting quality and value labels, Infinity Labels brings you their line of durable and weatherproof labels.  With these, you can be sure that your labels will hold up to heavy duty and the harshest of conditions.  There are three main types so select what is best for your needs.  These are:
1.     Weatherproof labels (printed on durable stocks and laminated for added durability and high gloss; they are also weather and sun-resistant for up to 18 months; great for outdoor use and for indoors they are good for water bottles, shampoo containers, etc.)
2.     Extended Life Decals (weather resistant for up to 4 years and can withstand chemicals and solvents so are perfect for industrial settings)
3.     Reflective Labels (also weather resistant for up to 4 years and are printed on high quality reflective stock; they are good as warning signs in poorly-lit areas, like Exits, emergency signs, etc.).
Get all your durable and weatherproof labels at Infinity Labels today! We offer the biggest inventory, competitive prices and top-quality US customer service.


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