Customize Your Shipping Labels

Posted by Daniel Sass on

Finally!  Some fun!!!! In this YouTube video you got Lumi – the online branding packager – who brings some joy and humor into the serious matter of labeling for shipping. With a short video using some great props (a human-sized label), she talks about what it means to print a thermal label.  She uses layman’s language which I love (hey, Lumi the lively layperson?) and talks of everyday things like receipts that we all know about.
She then gives some great tips on what you need to prepare like:
a.     Logo – crisp and clear
b.     Make sure it’s 1 inch high
c.     Prepare your custom message on the bottom of the label (she gives suggestions)
d.     Select your customized color!!!! Remember this doesn’t impact legibility or scanability!
e.     Consider WHERE on the package you want to place the label…get creative!

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