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I’ve been trying to get more organized at home lately.  The more time I spend with those who are organized, the more I realize that organization is key to end the chaos.  As such I’ve started looking at YouTube videos rich with tips.

I recently came across Ash Jackson’s Pantry Makeover: How to Reorganize Your Pantry video.  I thought it was fab.  And that wasn’t just because of the cool Aussie accent (although she could probably change the lip color and keep the nail color but I digress).

Ash puts out a lot of great organizational tips in this video, which isn’t necessarily anything new (there are tons of these around) but what I really liked was her practical tips of doing so with a young family (like put things up high so the little kids can’t access it, etc.).

Anyway, herewith the tips I’ll be following from now on from Jackson:

  1. Use rubber seals on food storage containers. It preserves and prolongs freshness, and ultimately saves you money (and saves you from horribly stale food/moths).
  2. Visualize your pantry with creating lists of existing ingredients alongside lists of containers you plan to use.
  3. Use clear labels in order to maintain the aesthetic of your container – remember, pantry organization is about looking good as well as making your food items accessible. Infinity Labels sells transparent labels in bulk – check out our selection here.

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