Labeling in ‘the New Normal’

Posted by Daniel Sass on

Since the coronavirus pandemic hit back in March 2020, we have been hearing so much talk about ’the new normal.’  This refers to all aspects of our lives from the way we work to how we parent; the way we interact with our own elderly parents to the way we shop and everything else in between. Even those who thankfully haven’t contracted COVID-19 or seen loved ones succumb to the contagious virus, are affected and have to find their very own ’new normal’ in this extremely strange new world.

So what does this mean for labels? How does the ’new normal’ impact our purchasing behavior?  How have our industries changed vis-a-vis business action, market share, and dealing with customers?  

We have found at Infinity Labels that more people are requiring our services.  Think about it; food, beverage and related distribution that perhaps was once delivered in large quantities is now using a different method in line with safety regulations and is tending to individualize food packages. This requires a lot more labels and at Infinity Labels we are working to ensure high quality production for all these needs.

Labels have historically also been used as a way of categorization and simplification.  Now more than ever - as we become increasingly entrenched in this ’new normal’ - such labels are taking on even more importance.

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