Feel It? Label It

Posted by Daniel Sass on

There are times in our lives when we all feel emotions we’d rather not encounter.  Maybe we’re disappointed at a child, mad at a spouse or upset with the local store owner.  It doesn’t matter what it is; what does matter is how we deal with it.  What we need to realize is that uncomfortable feelings are really just that…feelings that are uncomfortable.  So instead of trying to escape and deny them, we at Infinity Labels believe we should try and ‘label them.’  Metaphorically speaking of course.
When something is labeled, its identity is clear. And when something boasts a clear identity, it’s far easier to confront.  So instead of pretending a not-so-happy emotion doesn’t exist, label it, call it out, put a sticker on it and then when it’s clearly out there, we guarantee it will be a lot less intimidating than it was before.
Besides, we should know…After all, we are in the business of labels...

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