Did You Vote? Say It With Infinity Labels

Posted by Daniel Sass on

With the the critical midterms just around the corner, Infinity Labels has got you covered.  Show your American pride with our custom label "I VOTED" stickers.  Distribute them to your local polling stations; give them to your kids to show their excitement; put them on gifts you give out before the election; anything.  Just don’t let this day go by without doing your part…or, letting Infinity Labels help you do your part.  
It seems like this is the time to do it.  According to a recent CNN article, voters (that’s you) are getting extremely excited this time, with a record-breaking number of people registering!  According to non-profit VOTE’s Executive Director Brian Miller, the dramatic boost in Democratic, Republican and Independent voter registration was a huge surprise:
"No one in our shop anticipated us crossing the 800,000 single-day new voter registration mark. Midterm energy was absolutely critical. You can see all the poll data. A lot more people are paying attention to these midterms than you normally would have in a midterm cycle” he said.
Perhaps they too have been buying their I VOTED stickers!  Order online now.  It’s simple; it’s important and it’s showing real American pride.

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